My Story. My Charge.

My Story.

I love to write.  If I were to write a short blurb about my life, it would inevitably become a novel with an appendix.  To spare you all the burden of reading something far too lengthy, I am going to create a video/PPT… This will force me to keep my thoughts succint about who I am, how I identify and why I want to be a social worker.  Enjoy!


*P.S. (In reference to the video/PPT link) I have also personally experienced the life-changing effects of social work in my own life.  I currently feel that the details of how and to what extent these services have impacted my mind and soul are a little too personal to share online.  If you want to relate with me over the power of clinical support systems, more specifically, the experience and impacts of intense mental health services, I would love to engage with you!  Someday, I hope to be able to openly share my story with the world, but, for now, my mental health narrative remains close to me. These experiences have also brought me to my charge in social work. See below.


My Charge.

As a MSW student studying interpersonal practice in mental health and social evaluation policy, my focus is to build strong interpersonal relationships with the transitional age youth I work with in order to provide the critical resources and support needed for mental and behavioral education, intervention and treatment.

I believe that as humans we are continuously caught between two cycling phases: learning and coping. When we experience the world, we interpret its treatment of our existence and then cope with what we learn. How we cope defines how resilient we are in combatting the inevitable challenges in life.  I aim to help all clients recognize and utilize healthy, sustainable ways to self-care.  These techniques, tools and methods are all forms of building human resiliency.

If only building resiliency was as easy as individual or group therapy…. I acknowledge that no human is the same and our sociocultural identities have uniquely shaped us so that our view of the world is unlike any others.

Unfortunately, dominant cultures have structured the world in a way that oppresses those born outside of the established societal norms. In oppressed communities, this enables and normalizes negative learned experiences, thereby discouraging positive, hopeful ways of organically finding resilience through coping mechanisms.  In turn, this encourages financial burden, physical/mental/behavioral complications, chemical dependency, educational inequity, and more.

This privilege exerted on minority communities often deprives basic rights due to an increased lack of community advocacy. It makes it hard to foster inner resilience, not because these individuals are incapable, but because the disadvantages and lack of accessibility to the necessary resources.

By intentionally acknowledging and empathizing with the oppressions my clients face, I will work with the community to ensure that they are receiving the short and long-term care needed for a healthy, purposeful life. I will adapt my therapy practices to the individual so that I can best suit their specific needs. I will devote myself to teaching my clients ways to cope with their past, present and future in dynamic, supportive ways.

My commitment to each client I work with is that our time together will not be treated as a case but as a relationship that seeks to find and establish justice and equity when it comes to serving their basic mental/behavioral health needs.  I hope to help my clients find and build their inner resiliency so that they can be self-sufficient individuals taking on the learning-coping cycles of life.