Hello SW504!

Hello Everyone! I am creating this blog with an open-minded readiness to learn, grow and be challenged.   As Professor Spencer has affirmed, a participant in SW504 plays the dual role of teacher and learner.  I firmly believe that we each come into this blogging process with a wealth of diversity, rich in social experience.   With this perspective, I am ready to explore and experience “Diversity and Social Justice” through the eyes of my colleagues.  I also hope to use it as a personal tool to contemplate ideas and concerns I have in social work and in the larger community throughout the semester.  I am passionate about studying human resilience, hence the themes my blog will convey.  Wishing you all a productive, transformative semester!  ~Noreen

To read my own Mo’olelo, you can click on the “My Story. My Charge.” tab or click on this link


2 thoughts on “Hello SW504!

  1. Mike Spencer says:

    Incredible! Your story is both fascinating and emblematic of what we are trying to learn in this class. You also present it in a kind and articulate way. Absolutely loved this. I have a feeling that we are going to learn a lot from you this term!


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